Examination Result Processing
A highly specialized field of activity where confidentiality, accuracy and adherence to strict schedules is of prime importance. This particular field has been one of our key activities since inception, and today we enjoy the confidence of a number of State Educational Boards, Universities and Selection Agencies. Examination Processing over the years has shifted from pure data entry to a combination of the traditional method with newer techniques of scanning such as OMR/ICR etc.
To give an idea of our capacity, during the last five years, every year we have handled result processing for more than 100 lac candidates which also included scanning using ICR, OCR & MCR technology. Based on the user requirements for a number of clients, we generated Admit Cards/Attendence Sheet/Certificates with the printed photographs/signatures of the candidates in addition to various security features such as holograms, micro lining, water marking etc. Undertaking of the entire activity on a turn key basis is another area of our expertise.


Cost Effective:

We can provide examination processing related services in a very cost-effective manner with our staff, experience, equipment and dedication.

Accuracy And Reliability:

Completeness & Accuracy levels of 100% are guaranteed with our experience and expertise. Effective batch controls, hash totals, validation checks and a complete STR (System Test Run) prior to the commencement of the assignment are some of the methods used.


With the latest Pentium processors, scanners and experienced staff, we can take up your assignments at very short notice & complete them within the specified schedule.
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