Survey Data Processing:
A highly specialized field that in the wrong hands can lead to disastrous consequences for corporations.With our expertise in having handled verylarge surveys, and the presence of an infrastructure for generating the database,We offer a solution from designing survey forms, processing of data and Software development for generation of required reports.
Sensitive information, such as employee evaluations, or trade only protected Information is handled with high security and privacy.



100% accurate data preparation.
Effective designing of the survey form.
Effective team of software professionals to generate the reports.


Having undertaken the processing of large surveys for reputed organisations & delivering satisfactory results, you can be Assured of our professional services.


We have over 100 computers online and working for you within 24 hours notice. With multiples shifts this means you can get over 300 man-days worth of work done in one single 24 hour period. We can increase our capacity proportionately at short notice depending on your requirement.
We are confident that Datasoft is very well equipped to handle any requirement of your survey data processing jobs.
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