Optical Character Recognition


(Optical Character Recognition) solutions require different versions of technologies. Our high end scanners available with us coupled with the latest OCR technologies available in the market, we offer solutions to convert your text documents to digital format with instant retrieval facility. With our years of experience in this field, we partner with you for an ideal OCR solution; With our infrastructure of hardware & trained manpower, we deliver your work almost instantly.
We can also deliver overnight in some cases.


Cost Effective:

We can provide data services in a very cost-effective manner with our staff, experience, equipment and dedication.


We have many levels of data accuracy and processes to guarantee such accuracy:-
Single Key 99.90%.
Key/Verify 99.95%.
Double Key/Double Compare 99.995%.


With our years of experience in this field, reliability is our second name. Once your work is undertaken, it becomes our first priority and is taken care of with the full care that it deserves.


We have over 100 computers online and working for you within 24 hours notice. With multiples shifts this means you can get over 300 man-days worth of work done in one single 24 hour period. We can increase our capacity proportionately at short notice depending on your requirement.
We are confident that Datasoft is very well equipped to handle all your data conversion jobs.
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